Axis Off Grid is a comprehensive training program that promotes confidence and self-reliance. Gain the confidence to go anywhere into the woods.  Learn the basics of terrain association, How to Use a Map & Compass, Knot Tying, Flint Knapping, and primitive skills.  Our Workshops are great classes to get you started. Hands On – Next Level Training – Top Notch Instructors – Committed to Seeing you Succeed. Learn to Thrive!!

*Workshops are elective course to accompany training paths. Some aspects of these workshops may be included in each training path.  

Basic Land Navigation & Orienteering 
Gain the confidence to go anywhere into the woods.  Learn the basics of terrain association, and How to Use a Map & Compass.

Flint Knapping – How to Make Arrowheads
Learn the art of making arrowheads and stone tools. We will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

Tracking Basics & Search and Rescue
Learn the ways of the tracker. Great for Search & Rescue. Basic Tracking Concepts and Drills. Man Tracking & Animal Tracking.

Covert Entry, Lock Picking and Escape
Have the skills needed to escape illegal custody, or to simply gain access to a lock with lost keys. Counter Custody / Anti-Human Trafficking. Includes free lock picks!

Grubs and Greens – Edible Bugs and Plants
Enter the world of Grubs and Greens! Learn how to distinguish edible bugs, plant families, and identify over 50 medicinal, edible, poisonous, and utilitarian plants.  We will also discuss trees and mushrooms.

Brain Tan & Buckskins
Stop throwing out your deer hides, and start turning them into workable leather. Learn the art of brain tanning and buckskins.

Basic Camping – Tent/Hammock/Car
Knives & Knots (Knife Sharpening, Knife Handling & Knots)
Intro to Hunting / Animal Processing
Primitive Skills (Gourd Canteen, Basketry, Pottery, etc.)
Wilderness Safety and Self Aid (first aid)
Solar and Renewable Energy