What to Bring?

We try to keep things simple at Axis Off Grid, but several of our training paths do require certain equipment or gear.  If you do not have the gear on this list or cannot afford to purchase the necessary items, don’t let that stop you from training with us.  There is always extra gear that you can borrow.

You can support us by purchasing items through our Amazon Affiliates Store.  Click on the Links Below to Purchase.  We have provided a budget friendly and professional grade recommendation for each gear item.  Brands and gear links are only recommendations.


Items under this list are REQUIRED for all training paths. Knife, Saw, Cordage, Water Bottle, First Aid, and Notebook.

Bushcraft KnifeBudget: Mora Companion, Mora Garberg / PRO: Bark River, Cutright
SawBudget: Corona Saw / PRO: Boreal 21, Silky Ultra-Accel
Cordage (Bring Bankline & Paracord) – Budget: Bankline, Paracord / PRO: Titan Cord
Water BottleBudget: GI Canteen / PRO: Kleen Kanteen 40oz and GSI Cup Large
First Aid (IFAK)Budget: First Aid 2.0 / PRO: Everlit IFAK
Notebook and Pencil – Weatherproof Notebook and Rite in the Rain Pencil
Outdoor Clothing, Footwear, and Work Gloves


Day Pack – Budget: Tactical Assault PackPRO: 5.11 Rush 24 or Rush 72
Large KnifeBudget: Schrade, Condor / PRO: Bark River, Cutright
Tarp – Budget: Camping Tarp / PRO: Aqua Quest Defender
Ferro Rod – Budget: Light My FirePRO: 4 Direction Bushcraft
Water Filter – Budget: Sawyer Mini, SqueezePRO: Sawyer Complete
Multi-Tool – Budget: Gerber / PRO: Leatherman Surge
Headlamp – Budget: Energizer / PRO: Black Diamond, Nitecore
Compass – Budget: Silva Guide / PRO: Suunto MC2, Cammenga
Rain Gear – Miltec Poncho / PRO: Helly Hansen Jacket, Pant
Sleep System – Budget: Snugpack Basecamp / PRO: Kelty 
Hammock System – Budget: Everest / PRO: Hennessy, Warbonnet
Cook Systems: MSR Pot, MSR Cook Kit
Duct Tape – Budget: Duct TapePRO: Gorilla Tape
Bug Spray – Repel and Permethrin (Treat Clothes)
Bandanna – Budget: Survival Bandanna / PRO: Shemaugh
Camp Chair & Camp Comfort Items
20-24 Ga Wire (non-braided)
: To Make Snares
Altoids Tin / Metal Tin & Cotton Bandanna: To Make Char Cloth
Sun Protection: Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, etc.
Snacks and Extra Food


Hatchet – Budget: Husqvarna 13″ / PRO: Hults Bruk Hatchet
Axe – Budget: Husqvarna Carpenter / PRO: Hults Bruk Axe

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