Axis Off Grid offers a professional systematic program, that allows students to pursue  multiple different paths of training.   No prerequisite are required to take any course within a path.  Students may pursue multiple paths to increase their rate of learning. There are 5 Paths of Training: Survival, Hunter Gatherer, Herbalism, Preparedness, and Sustainability.  Within each of the 5 Paths there are Intro Courses and 3 Certification Courses.  Once all 3 Certification Courses have been completed within a training path students will earn an Axis Path Patch.  (Examples: Scout / Recon / Herbal + / etc.)

Intro to Survival – 1 Day
Essential Survival – 2 Days
Primitive Survival – 3 Days
Scout Survival – 7 Days

Complete all to earn “Scout” Patch


bowyerHunter Gatherer
Primal Weapons (Atlatl, Spear, Etc.) – 1 Day
Survival Fishing – 2 Days
Trapping & Animal Processing – 3 Days
Sticks and Stones (Bow Building & Flint Knapping) – 3 Days

Complete all to earn “Primal” Patch

Intro to Herbalism (Plant Walk) – 1 Day
Field Herbalism – 2 Days
Clinical Herbalism – 3 Days
Professional Herbalism – 3 Days (*Req. Correspondence)

Complete all to earn “Herbal” Patch

small bugoutPreparedness
Emergency Preparedness / Urban Survival – 1 Day
Active Response Training – 2 Days
Recon Escape and Evasion – 3 Days
Urban FTX – 3 Days

Complete all to earn “Recon” Patch

Intro to Sustainability – 1 Day
Road to Sustainability – 2 Days
Homesteading Essentials – 3 Days
Off Grid Solutions – 3 Days

Complete all to earn “Sustain” Patch

*Workshops are elective course to accompany training paths. Some aspects of these workshops may be included in each training path.  
Basic Orienteering & Navigation
Basic Camping – Tent/Hammock/Car
Knives & Knots (Knife Sharpening & Knot Tying)
Intro to Hunting / Animal Processing
Flint Knapping (Making Arrowheads)
Primitive Skills (Gourd Canteen, Basketry, Pottery, etc.)
Braintan & Buckskins – Making Leather
Wilderness Safety and Self Aid (first aid)
Grubs and Greens – Edible Insects and Plants
Solar and Renewable Energy