“Justin Sage Williams not only has great skills but he also has the ability to effectively teach those skills to others. His instruction on my handrill technique led to a fat ember on my board, in the Eastern Woodlands at that. He’s professional and courteous, and amazingly devoid of unnecessary ego BS, which can be a rarity in this field. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone serious about learning bushcraft and survival skills.”

Chris Wilkes (Alone Season 5), MS

“Can’t tell you how pleased I was with how professional, well organized, and informative you were with the class and how you truly utilized all of our time to enhance our learning and retention. Sage, your overall love and respect that you have for the wilderness and sharing that wealth of knowledge is infectious!  The standards that you have set forth in an industry that’s flooded with imitators should be a testament to your skill set. It’s so refreshing and wonderful to train with an instructor that is humble and reflects that in his teaching and continued learning.”

Cole Revel, MO

“Friend, brother, and fellow survival instructor… I can’t imagine better accolades.  Justin your teaching style is awesome, and it was a privilege to train with you.  I am far and large more confident in who I am not only as an outdoorsman, but as a more whole human after taking your course.

Love you brother!  I highly recommend it for anyone.”

John Gentry, TN

“I am extremely grateful for my training with Sage.  There are few people who can do the stuff he does, and even fewer that can also teach it.  I can’t believe how much he was able to teach us in a week.  The class was very organized and professional, and the instruction was top notch.

I highly recommend taking a course with him.  Thanks again man, it was awesome.”

Dave Concannon, CA

“Justin “Sage” Williams is simply one of the best instructors we have ever had. Not only does he provide years of experience in wilderness skills, he also has an extensive background in teaching and has built a lifetime of skills for passing on knowledge efficiently. There are many great practitioners of these skills, but very few men who are capable of teaching it in a manner you’ll remember.”

Sigma 3 Survival School

“This was one of the best outdoor experiences of my life.  Justin (Sage) was very thorough and patient, and he is a great instructor.  I have learned so many new things related to survival I didn’t have a clue about.  Can’t wait to come back and train with you again.”

Craig Wharry, MO

“Sage, thanks so much for all the wisdom you shared with me and my son, you are excellent with kids, very patient and hands on. You are an outstanding instructor. The week couldn’t have been any better. Hope to see you again soon. The best!! Thanks!!”

Richard Lane, NC

“Justin Sage Williams is one of the best instructor that I have met. Great skills,Great passion, Great man and Great teacher.It is my honor to have you as my mentor and my honor to call you brother. I travel many thousands miles to be with my mentor and i do it again and again to learn more great skills from him, thank you for everything.”

Thanasis Zisimopoulos – Greece

“Sage is a wonderful educator.  He takes the time to teach you the “right way.” His passion, and abundance of knowledge of survival and plants have been inspiring.  I highly recommend training with him.”

Rachael Elizabeth, Herbalist – MO

“Justin truly is one of the greats.  He is an amazing instructor, and with his passion and attention to detail when teaching he is sure to be successful.  His dedication to his students personal growth in skill and spirit is admirable.  I have no doubt that he will be at the top of many lists before he is through. I continue to pass on the hand drill techniques he taught me.”

Doug Householder, Earth Trekker – AR

“Justin is a very confident and effective teacher.  He does a great job of commanding attention and relaying his message to the audience.  I had him come speak to my Outdoor Living class at Glendale High School in Springfield, MO and the kids thought it was awesome.  He did a great job of relating to them, poking fun and keeping them engaged for the entire class period.  He lead off by talking about the most important aspects of survival in general, then demonstrated how to build a quick shelter using a tarp and also a couple of different fire starting techniques, including a bow drill.  Overall, really impressive.  One of the best guest speakers I’ve had in any class in 15+ years of teaching.  Will definitely look forward to bringing him back in for future classes later in the school year.”

Brian M. Springfield Public Schools, MO

“Sage has trained with some of the best in the industry. He has an amazing way of passing on the skills he has learned to his students. I was lucky to have him as a teacher for 45 days, and I am proud to call him friend. If you go to Sage with an open mind he will help you master your skills and better yourself as a person.”

Hutch K. – Family Survival, CO

“Everybody check out my GUY Justin “Sage” Williams. I trained with him for 45 Days. He is one of the most talented and hardest working bushcrafters in the GAME! He is also an all around great guy. Show him some love and support while he goes on to be the best out there!” Train with the best.  |  (I would never consider myself the best, but love the support. – Sage)

Vaughn Proctor, Detroit, MI