Recon Escape and Evasion

Axis Off Grid is a comprehensive training program that promotes confidence and self-reliance. Learn skills needed for SHTF scenario, natural disasters, anti-kidnapping, counter custody, economic collapse, escape and evasion, and more. Hands On – Next Level Training – Top Notch Instructors – Committed to Seeing you Succeed. Learn to Thrive!!

Tactical Skills are taught in this course, but no military experience is necessary. The focus of this program is to equip everyday civilians with the skills needed to survive in hostile environments. Statistically Human Trafficking is at an all time high, and kidnappers are abundant in rural and metro areas. Having these skills will prepare you for the worst. This training is also important if you are planning to travel oversees.


  • Reconnaissance
  • Camouflage and Concealment
  • Counter Intelligence
  • Stalking / Night Stalk
  • Navigation / Orienteering
  • Tracking
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Security & Defense
  • Circle of Force
  • Covert Entry
  • Lock Picking
  • Counter Custody
  • Escape and Evasion


  • Day 1 Recon / Camo & Concealment / Counter Intelligence / Night Stalk
  • Day 2 Navigation / Tracking / Improvised Weapons / Security & Defense
  • Day 3 Covert Entry / Lock Picking / Counter Custody / Escape & Evasion


  • Camouflage Clothing
  • Padlock (no key required)
  • Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife
  • Folding Saw
  • Cordage (200+ft) Paracord & Bankline
  • Steel Water Bottle
  • IFAK Individual First Aid Kit
  • Notebook & Pencil/Pen
  • Outdoor Clothing, Footwear, & Work Gloves
  • Full List Available HERE