Next Level Preparedness!  Go beyond bug out bags and prepper shows, and get hands on experience.  We offer training to keep you alive when the crud hits the fan.  This is a civilian based program, and is not intended to be a tactical or military program.  Preparedness is for everyone.  Tacticool, ego maniacs, or those with mal-intent need not register.  If we believe you intend to use this training for harm, you will be dismissed  without refund from the program.

Emergency Preparedness / Urban Survival

Day 1 Emergency Preparedness / Pandemic Response / Urban Survival / EDC
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Active Response Training

Day 1 Disaster Response / Self-Aid / Medical Solutions
Day 2 Navigation / Tracking / Search and Rescue
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Recon Escape and Evasion

Day 1 Recon / Camo & Concealment / Counter Intelligence / Night Stalk
Day 2 Navigation / Tracking / Improvised Weapons / Security & Defense
Day 3 Covert Entry / Lock Picking / Counter Custody / Escape & Evasion
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Urban FTX (Field Training Exercise)

Day 1 Lock Picking Review / Urban Survival Review / Cache / Cache Placement
Day 2 Spot Maps / Route Cards / Surveillance / Social Engineering /  FTX Begins
Day 3 Urban FTX (Field Training Exercise)