The Axis Survival Path is a healthy balance of practical and primitive survival skills.  This program is designed to teach you everything you need to know to survive in the wilderness.  The skills you will learn can be applied to most regions throughout the world.  There are three phases to the survival path: Essential Survival (Immediate Survival Needs),  Primitive Survival (Long-Term Needs), and Scout Survival Challenge.  Each of these are hands on, so come ready to learn.

Intro to Survival

Day 1 Survival Basics: Shelter / Water / Fire / Knots & Knives

Essential Survival

Day 1 Survival Gear / Shelter / Water / Fire (Modern & Bow Drill)
Day 2 Trapping / Basic Primitive Weapons / Safety & Rescue

Primitive Survival

Day 1 Primitive Hunting / Survival Bows / Food Procurement / Containers
Day 2 Cordage / Primitive Tools / Flint Knapping / Natural & Night Navigation
Day 3 Advanced Fire (Bow Drill, Hand Drill) / All Night Fire / Dakota Fire Pit

Scout Survival

Day 1 Survival Review / Containers / Pack Frame
Day 2 Basic Orienteering/Navigation / Tracking
Day 3 Camp Cooking / Grass Matt / Campcraft
Day 4 Fishing / Foraging / Knife Only Insertion
Day 5-7 Knife Only