Hunter Gatherer

The Hunter Gatherer Path will cover every aspect of food procurement that you need to know for your survival needs. Survival is a lazy man’s game! The goal is to burn less calories than you expend daily.

Your survival diet will change dramatically based on where you are in the world, and having good food source will make a huge difference in performance, when surviving. You have to remember that everything is seasonal when dealing with wild foods and different times of the year require different types of food to operate well.

In this path we will cover everything from fishing, hunting, trapping, and foraging.  Foraging will be covered throughout each phase of the Hunter Gatherer Path. Animal processing will be covered with trapping, but for full details on butchering check out our Sustainability Path.

Primal Weapons

Day 1 Atlatl / Spear / Throwing Stick  / etc.

Survival Fishing

Day 1 Primitive Fishing / Fish Traps
Day 2 Modern Fishing / Gill Nets
Fishing License Required

Trapping & Animal Processing

Day 1 Modern Trapping – Body Grip / Footholds / Snares / Specialty
Day 2 Primitive Trapping – Deadfall / Windlass / Box / Spring Poles
Day 3 Animal Processing

Sticks & Stones (Bowyer / Flintknapping)

Day 1 Bow Building (Seasoned Hickory Stave) / Layout / Shaping
Day 2 Shaping / Tillering / Flintknapping – Arrowheads
Day 3 Finishing / String / Archery Concepts / Shooting / Arrow Construction