Axis Off Grid will officially launch in 2019.  For our first year we are offering a huge discount to our partners who are willing to help us get off the ground.  There are 3 ways to financially show your support.  Send money via Paypal using “Friends and Family” Method to  Include item, name, number, and address.

Partner – Contribute $200 and receive 4 Weekend Training Passes and Axis Sticker. (No Limit on Partners)   HUGE Savings!!

Premier Partner – Contribute $550 and receive 8 Weekend Training Passes, Axis Sticker, and Axis Pace Beads.  (Limited to 10 Partners)

Platinum Partner – Contribute $600 or More and receive UNLIMITED Training Pass for the first year, Axis Sticker, Axis Pace Beads, and Axis T-Shirt.  (Limited to 5 Partners)

Training Passes do not include materials fee.  Example you can take a flint knapping workshop, but you will have to pay for your materials.  Excludes Guest Courses.

*Schedule is subject to change. Training Passes Expire December 31st, 2019.

Shop and Support

Cracked CircleAxis Sticker

$5 Shipped

Show your support!

Put sticker on water bottle, window, etc.

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Axis Skull Pace Beads

$10 Shipped

Navigation/Orienteering. – Measure distance with accuracy!

Includes instructions on how to use.

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Custom Handmade Arrowheads by Sage

$15 Shipped (3 of Justin’s First Year Points)

Own an amazing personally knapped Arrowhead!

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Axis T-Shirt

$20 Shipped (Add $2 for XXL or Bigger)

Represent Axis Off Grid

Get your Swag!