SURTHRIVAL Part 2 Shelter

SURTHRIVAL Part 2 Shelter Topic: The Need For Shelter / Where to Build Reflect: Psalm 91:1 / Matthew 6:25-34 The human body can only survive 3-4 hours exposed to harsh environmental conditions. It has a core body temperature (CBT) of 98.6 degrees. Any time our CBT drops or raises 3-4 degrees outside of it's normal … Continue reading SURTHRIVAL Part 2 Shelter

The Lost Art of Tracking

Is Tracking Necessary? Tracking, a highly once sought after skill continues to disappear with the modern survival movement.  We have taken self-reliance and survival and made it trendy, marketing it with tons of gear and supposed know how.  We have become a generation dependent on stuff, and have left many of the old world ways … Continue reading The Lost Art of Tracking