SURTHRIVAL Part 2 Shelter

SURTHRIVAL Part 2 Shelter Topic: The Need For Shelter / Where to Build Reflect: Psalm 91:1 / Matthew 6:25-34 The human body can only survive 3-4 hours exposed to harsh environmental conditions. It has a core body temperature (CBT) of 98.6 degrees. Any time our CBT drops or raises 3-4 degrees outside of it's normal … Continue reading SURTHRIVAL Part 2 Shelter

The Lost Art of Tracking

Is Tracking Necessary? Tracking, a highly once sought after skill continues to disappear with the modern survival movement.  We have taken self-reliance and survival and made it trendy, marketing it with tons of gear and supposed know how.  We have become a generation dependent on stuff, and have left many of the old world ways … Continue reading The Lost Art of Tracking

Welcome to Axis Off Grid

Welcome to Axis Off Grid. AXIS OFF GRID provides professional outdoor education, mentorship programs, daily inspiration, ministry outreach, herbalism, nature reliance, and much more. Currently offering weekly small groups, and monthly gatherings in the Springfield, MO area.  We also provide outdoor education for men’s groups, churches, camps, and various other venues. Interested in training, expeditions, survival … Continue reading Welcome to Axis Off Grid