Basic Land Navigation / Orienteering

Axis Off Grid is a comprehensive training program that promotes confidence and self-reliance. Gain the confidence to go anywhere into the woods.  Learn the basics of terrain association, and How to Use a Map & Compass. Hands On – Next Level Training – Top Notch Instructors – Committed to Seeing you Succeed. Learn to Thrive!!


  • Parts of the Compass
  • How to Use the Compass
  • Bearings, Azimuths, and Direction
  • 3 Norths
  • Navigation Techniques
  • Terrain Association
  • Map Reading
  • Topographical Features
  • Pace Counting
  • Triangulation
  • Position Acquisition (Lost Proofing)
  • Route Planning
  • Hands on Compass Course
  • *Bonus 3D Mapping if Time Permits


  • AM: Navigation Worksheet / Map Reading / Bearing Drills
  • Noon: Pace Beads / Pace Counting
  • PM: Compass Course / Lost Proofing / 3D Mapping


  • Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife
  • Paracord
  • Small Carabiner
  • Red Bandanna
  • Optional: Bring your own Compass (Rec. Suunto MC2 NH)
  • Water Bottle (Preferably Steel)
  • IFAK Individual First Aid Kit
  • Notebook & Pencil/Pen
  • Outdoor Clothing, Footwear, & Work Gloves
  • Full List Available HEREAdobeStock_64328201.jpeg